For Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd 3rd Gen Laptop Touchpad Click Pad Mouse Board Cable Brand New Original SC10M90416 450.0A906.0011 45N1029 Battery X230 X230i X230S 45N1024 45N1028 45N1020 45N1021 screen frame X220 i 04W6895 LenovoThinkpad 65W Ac Power Adapter Charger for 2 11 11S S1 K2450 T400 T431S X240 X240S 20V 3.25A Notebook X760 MSATA 128G SSD Y470 Y400 Y480 B480 E430 M490 yoga-13 T420T 430S computer upgrade 100% LDB-2 MB 11232-1 ThinkPad laptop motherboard with CPU i5-3320M SR0MY Fully Tested FOR i5 Motherboard 04X4541 00HM390 04Y1634 04X1431 04X4542 04X1432 04Y1635 12.5 Screen LP125WH2 TLB2 TLB1 B125XW01 V.0 S230U K27 K29 220i Dell e6230 e6220 LP125WH2-SLB3 LCD Display Bildschirm IPS 1366x768 HD LED FRU 04W3919 04W3462 93P5675 LENOVO U260 LTN125AT01 Panel Replacement part lcd Pop SP keyboard THINKPAD T530 T530i T430 T430s W530 L430 L530 Spanish black 04X1325 NO Backlight Stylus Pen Digitizer IBM X60 X61 X200 X201 W700 Tablet BE Belgian Keyboard T430i T430S 04X1321 GONYTC 45n1029 X230I 45N1025 45N1172 8.4Ah/94WH 9 Cells 44++ 45W Yoga2 Portable Us/Eu/Uk Plug 2.25A Shell Palmrest Upper Case Cover Fingerprint Fpr 04X4613 04X4614 x230i Bottom Base lower case top cover 04Y2086 Lower Lcd Top Black orig Back Reader Series, 48.4QE17.011 04W3899 Fan Heatsink Fru 04W0435 X220IT X220I JIGU X220i X220s 42T4901 42Y4940 42Y4868 42T4873 42Y4874 42T4863 42t4866 Y50 Y50-70 Y50-70A Y50-70AM-IFI Y50-70AS-ISE Y70 Y70-70T Y70P-70T Backlit FR UK TR BCM94352Z BCM94352 BCM4352 FRU: 04X6020 NGFF 867Mbps 802.11AC Bluetooth 4.0 Wlan Card Y50-70-80/Y70-70-80 YOGA2 PAILIANG Ideapad i5-4210H Mainboard 5B20H21717 LA-B111P N16P-GX-A2 SR1Q0 DDR3 tesed AKEMY ZIVY2 notebook Test W/ I5-4210HQ GTX860M-4GB KEFU original I7-4720HQ/4710HQ GTX860M-2G mainboard DDR3L GTX960M-2GB GDDR5 BG Bulgarian Y50-70T Y70-70 Touch 25215985 25216016 IdeaPad Cover/Front Bezel/Palmrest/Bottom Non bezel/Hinges/Palmrest/Bottom AM14R000400 With AM14R000300 new Y50-80 4K led lvds cable DC02001ZB00 10x AC DC JACK POWER PLUG IN SOCKET CABLE HARNESS DC30100RB00 NEW English US RU Y700 Y700-15 Y700-15ISK Y700-15ACZ Y700-17ISK Y700-15ISE Russion 5B20K94030 BY510 NM-A521 FX-8800P 2.1Ghz R9 M385 4GB GPU BY511 NM-A541 para 80NV CPU:I5-6300HQ GTX960M FRU5B20K28172 5B20L80387 UHD 15.6 Inch Monitor LQ156D1JX03-E Non-Touch Glass Assembly Frame 15.6 1920x1080 FHD no touch 15ISK assembly 1920*1080 AIPY6 LA-C951P ideapad Y700-14ISK I7-6700HQ M375 4GB-GPU 5B20M55518 Display+Touch Screen+Bezel 3 Pro 80JH 14 720-15 720-15IKB 80X7 5D10N24289 13.3 Inches B133ZAN01.1 5D10N24291 720-13IKB Precision YOGA MIIX510/520 book C930 ThinkBook Plus stylus 4096 pressure sensing Sleeve Bag 10.1 inch Book Nylon bag Women Men Handbag C940-14 C940-14IIL C940 14 Series Protective Compatible 9i/7i in 1 & C940/C740 Accessories,S022 15 A 5CB0W43573 5D10H35588 ASSEMBLIES 700 14isk New/Original 510 510-14isk flex 4 4-1480 black/white 14C 2021 14ITL5 9i Detachable Layout 310S-14ISK 510S-14ISK 510S-14IKB 510-14AST backlight PU Leather 2017 Gift 370 01HY213 AM1SK000160 01HY216 LPPLY Tab YT3-X50 YT3-X50F YT3-X50M YT3-X50L Fibocom L850-GL 01AX792 Module Carbon 6th X280 T480 T480s 4th T490 T490s T580 L580 P52 WWAN ABCD 520-14 520-14IKB FLEX 5-14 Gray 7XINbox 15.2V 51Wh 01AV434 01AV433 01AV432 X380 260 SB10K97591 SB10K97590 13 Front Bezel AP0S9000100.